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February Student of the Month


Kynlee Tullett

Always Kind to Others


Nova Torres

Working Hard at Reading

Layney Martin

Working Hard at Math


Mylie Robles

Excellent Penmanship  


Grade 1 Alexiah Robles Excellent Effort
  Liam Rushton Putting Forth Extra Effort
Grade 2 Roxy Yost Eager to Learn

Evan Stoneman

Eager to Learn


Juan Robles

Eager to Learn

Grade 3

Landon Martin

Excellent Work Ethic & Attitude

Kolt Shartner

Excellent Work Ethic & Attitude

Macardy Babcock

Excellent Work Ethic & Attitude

Grade 4

Tristan Stephens

Outstanding Citizenship



Grade 5

Clara Seiders

Excellent Monday Morning Assembly Leader

Grade 6

Gwen Bowen

Positive Attitude & Excellent Academics

Grade 7 JR Barraza Critical Thinker
  Edgar Munoz Kind & Considerate

Samuel Saunders

Contributor to Discussions

Grade 8

Jordin Bussness

Friendliness & Kind Heart


Sheyanne Haun

Friendliness & Kind Heart





January Student of the Month
Kindergarten Jenna Ellsworth Super Reader
  Ada Seiders Adjusting Well to a New School
Grade 1 Ximena Robles Determined Learner
  Harmony Hernandez Positive attitude
Grade 2 Dean Villegas Outstanding Academics in all Subjects
Grade 3 Jaxon Kincaid Mathematically Minds
Brody Bowns Mathematically Minds
Grade 4 Garrett Englemann Enthusiastic Worker
Hayden Braun Enthusiastic Worker
Grade 5 Arrabella Carrosco Excellent Penmanship
  Rylee Murrey Excellent Penmanship
Grade 6 Trey McFarlane Enthusiastic learner
Grade 7 Caitlynn Griffin Strong Work Ethic
  Addison Martin Strong Work Ethic
Hunter Martin Kindness & Respect
  Kayann Mullaley Courteous to Others
Grade 8 Alycia VanMeter Excellent Academics
December Student of the Month
Kindergarten Reiy Rios Always Happy to Help
  Orlando Ramirez Diligent Worker
Grade 1 Ramiro Huriton Most Improved Reader
  Lane Hulett Eager to Learn
  Madison Andrade Positive Attitude
Grade 2 Casey Link Creative Thinker
  Jakobe Sheldon Creative Thinker
James Cardenas Creative Thinker
Grade 3 Yaritza Moreno Grand Slam Work
Ladnon Cleaver Grand Slam Work
Grade 4 Analiah Leon Conscientious Worker
Clara Wood Conscientious Worker
Grade 5 Jacquelin Ortega Excellent Progress in Reading and Math
  Damariz Cervantes Excellent Progress in Reading and Math
Grade 6 Silvestre Rico Positive Attitude and Great Work Ethic
Grade 7 Madison Fullmer Respectfulness
  Taylor Homeyk Excellent Work and Attitude
Ira Llanas-Garzone Respectfulness
November Student of the Month
Kindergarten Fischer Cleaver Inquisitive Learner
  MaKinlee Thomason Steady Learner
Grade 1 Naoim Fretwell Excellent Student
  Corene Nunez Excellence in Writing
Grade 2 Jordan Shira Thinking Outside the Box
  Reese Martin Thinking Outside the Box
Brayden Webb Thinking Outside the Box
Grade 3 Jayne Youtsey Spectacular Speech
Kaylee Hite Stellar Speller
Grade 4 Poppy Nichol Super Speller
Lilly Andersons Math Whiz
  Paisley Martin Creative Artist
Grade 5 Trey Bayes Excellent Student
  Brayson Jordan Excellent Student
  Mannie Mulrony Excellent Student
Grade 6 Hector Bahena Great Attitude and Work Ethic
Grade 7 Delia Doron Strong Work Ethic
  Madison Helmick Strong Work Ethic
Derek Faulconer Kindness to Others
  Dustin Hite Increased Participation
Grade 8 Mylie Zimmerman Leadership, Kindness and Excellent Reader
  Breanna Morford Kindness, Hard Worker and Excellent Staff Supporter
  Carlos Robles Most Improved Math Student and Improved Attitude
October Student of the Month
Kindergarten Ashlyn Beebe Great Gains in Reading and Math
  Janesah Bautista Great Gains in Reading and Math
Grade 1 JT Seuell Excellent Effort
  Shaney Marts Excellence in Reading and Writing
  Ximena Robles Friend to All
Grade 2 Bentley Osborn Always Putting Forth Best Effort
  Gabby Garcia Always Putting Forth Best Effort
Tessa Johnston Always Putting Forth Best Effort
Grade 3 Collins Mulrony Marvelous Methematician
  Kaitlyn Dudley Amazing Work Ethic
Deney Beltran Wonderful Writing
Grade 4 Brooklyn Shivers Super Reader
Juan Rico Conscientious Worker
  Ely Dittmer Super Mathmetician
Grade 5 Kash Morford Excellent Work in All Subjects
  Kaden Dudley Excellent Work in All Subjects
Grade 6 Olivia Rushton Excellent Academics
Grade 7 Sloan McFarlane Leadership and Character
  Samuel Stephens Leadership and Participation
  Colten Bayes Kindness and Participation
Grade 8 Lucy Martin Excellent Student and Kind Heart
  Evy Nunez Caring and Generous Heart
  Misael Robles Caring and Generous Heart
September Student of the Month
Kindergarten Harper Bowns Enthusiastic Learner
  Jaxon Yong Enthusiastic Learner
Grade 1 Taggart Bayes Enthusiastic Learner
  Logan Ineck Enthusiastic Learner
Grade 2 Gwen Cleaver Kind to All
  Cason Eggebeen Kind to All
Jocelyn Bahena Kind to All
Grade 3 Aubrey Thornley Wonderful Writer
  Jaden Barazza Excellence in Government
Grade 4 Beckham Cleaver Conscientious Worker
Maria Huitron Enthusiastic Learner
Grade 5 Jseo Cardnas Excellent Effort in Reading
Grade 6 Callie Lovitt Great Attitude and Willing to Help
Grade 7 Shawn Stephens Excellent Participation in Class and Helpfulness to Others
  Celie Davis Hard Work and Perseverance; Always Striving to do Her Best Work
  Rancem Jordan Hard Work and Perseverance in Class; Participating in Class Discussions; Helping Others
  Colby Shepard Participating in Class Discussions; Helping Others
Grade 8 Presley Speelmon Excellence in Leadership
  Octavio Bautsista Citizenship and Hard Worker

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