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    November Student of the Month
  Tyson Dominquez  Excellent Effort 
  Maci Osborn Excellent Effort 
Grade 1 Brody Bowns Creative Thinker
  Jayne Youtesy Creative Thinker
Grade 2 Wyatt Thomas Most Improved Reader
  Paisley Martin  Most Improved Reader
Grade 3 Braysen Jordan Outstanding AR Effort
  Clara Seiders  
Grade 4    
  Grayson Cleaver  Thinks Outside the Box
  Brooks Martin  Thinks Outside the Box
Grade 4/5    
  Evelynne Dittmer  Conscientious Workers
  Sloan McFarlane Conscientious Workers
Grade 5    
  Addy Martin Outstanding Effort in Math
  Brigston Schulthies Outstanding Effort in Math
  Colten Bayes Outstanding Effort in Math
Grade 6    
  Preston Hutchings Hard Working With a GREAT Attitude
Grade 7    
Rylan  Binford Being Kind to All
  Ashlyn Allaire Being Kind to All
Bella Engelmann Being Kind to All
  Jovie Gutierrez Being Kind to All
Grade 8    
  Chase Johnston Good Citizenship
Adan Bautista Good Citizenship
  Cy Aman Good Citizenship
October Student of the Month
  Reese Martin Leadership Example
  Dean Villegas Leadership Example
Grade 1    
  Landon Cleaver Super Math Student
   Aubree Ballard Super Reading Student
  Yaritza Moreno Super Writing Student    
Grade 2    
  Garrett Engelmann Excellent Listener
  Brooklyn Shivers Awesome Helper
Grade 3    
   Kaden Dudley Marvelous Mathematician
  Juan Bahena-Anderson Marvelous Mathematician
Grade 4    
   Nick Nunez Improved Daily Effort and Attitude
  Brylie Eggebeen Improved Daily Effort and Attitude
Grade 4/5    
  Cody Flerchinger Enthusiastic Learner
  Shawn Stephens Enthusiastic Learner
Grade 5    
  Laura Arias Outstanding Effort in Reading
Grade 6    
  Evy Nunez Excellent Academics & Positive Attitude
Grade 7 Carter Bayes  Showing Responsibility by Being for Class
  Luis Almaral  Showing Responsibility by Being for Class
  Sadie Wagster  Showing Responsibility by Being for Class
Grade 8    
  Lincoln Lovitt  Great Student
  Conley Martin  Great Student
  Zoe Nelson  Great Student
September Student of the Month
  Brayden Webb  Math Wizz Kids 
Jordan Morgan   Math Wizz Kids 
Grade 1    
  Colby Starbuck Star Student 
  Abbie Johnston Star Student 
Grade 2    
  Poppy Nichols  Outstanding Academic Student
Luke Aman     Outstanding Academic Student
Grade 3    
  Arrbabella Carrasso Going the Extra Mile in Their Effort
Trey Bayes Going the Extra Mile in Their Effort
Grade 4    
Keegan Johnston Super Helper to All
  Case Franklin Super Helper to All
Grade 4/5    
  Hallie Ziegler  Conscientious Worker 
  Taylor Homenyk  Conscientious Worker 
Grade 5    
  Colby Shepard   Outstanding Effort in Spelling
Grade 6    
  Misael Robles   Hardworking With a Smile
Grade 7    
  Jace Martin   Super AR Readers
  Sydney Davis   Super AR Readers
Grade 8    
  Jacob Johnson  Outstanding Citizenship
  Allyssa Dudley  Outstanding Citizenship
  Shelby Sheets   Outstanding Citizenship
   Toby Clow  Outstanding Citizenship

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