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April Students of the Month
  Danika Mullaley Trying With a Smile
  Lane Hulett Loving to Learn
Grade 1    
  Gabryelah Garcia Putting Fourth Great Effort
  Juan Robles Putting Forth Great Effort
Grade 2    
  Kolt Shatner Outstanding Citizenship
  Teah Lovitt Outstanding Citizenship
  Jaxon Kinkade Most Improved Reader
Grade 3    
  Ely Dittmer Excellence in Academics
  Lilly Anderson Excellence in Academics
Grade 4    
  Brayson Jordan Super Mathematic
  Addison Mendoza Critical Thinker
Grade 5    
  Brylie Eggebeen Excellent Effort in Reading and Math
  Kennedy Hulett Excellent Effort in Reading and Math
Grade 6      
  Colton Bayes Excellent Academics and Great Helper  
Grade 7  
  Rosa Loa Completing Work Thoroughly  
  Delanie Sheets Completing Work Thoroughly  
  Crayton Schulthies Having a Great Sense of Humor  
Trey Johnston Having a Great Sense of Humor
    Sugey Beltran Having a Great Sense of Humor
Grade 8    
  Bella Engelmann Positive Attitude and Always Cheerful
        March Student of the Month
  Ayanna Redburn Always trying her best
Ximena Robles Always trying her best
Grade 1    
  Roxy Yost Eager to learn
  Bently Osborn Eager to learn
Grade 2    
  Jaden Barraza Most improved reader
  Kaitlyn Dudley Most improved reader
Grade 3    
  Brooklyn Shivers Always responsible
  Garret Engiemann Good samaritan
Grade 4    
  Cassandra Arias Diligant student
  Clara Seiders Conscientious student
Grade 5    
  Lizzy strain Most improved student
  Hunter mcclure Great work in science
  Evelynne Dittmer Great work in science
  Peyton Kinkade Great work in science
  Olivia Rushton Great work in science
  Gwen Bowen Great work in science
  Geryson Cleaver Great work in science
Grade 6    
  sloan McFarlane Excellent Academics
Grade 7 Breanna Morford Putting forth great effort
  Cora Kiely Putting forth great effort
  Edgar Amaral Putting forth great effort
  Ismael Aguirre Putting forth great effort
  Preston Hutchings Putting forth great effort
Grade 8    
  Lindsey Davis Excellent Citizinship
  Sydney Davis Excellence mathematics
January Student of the Month
Alexiah Robles Aspiring Effort
Liam Rushton Stellar Student
Grade 1
Tyson Daugherty Super Reader
Presley Simpson Super Reader
Grade 2
Avaleigh Engelmann Most Improved Math Student
Peyton Hanson Outstanding Citizenship
Grade 3    
Poppy Nichols Excelling in Writing
  Wyatt Thomas Excelling in Writing
Isaac Flerchinger Excelling in Writing
Grade 4
  Alondra Amaral Conscientious Worker
Joshua Cardenas Positive Worker
Abraham Robles Diligent Worker
Grade 5    
Trell McFarlane Excellent Work Ethic
  Trey McFarlane Excellent Work Ethic
Grade 6    
  Lucy Martin Conscientious Student
Rylee Ready Conscientious Student
  Bailey Ready Conscientious Student
  Presley Speemon Conscientious Student
Grade 7    
Derek Faulconer Excellent Student & Great Work Ethic
Grade 8
Jace Martin Excellence in Academics
Chase Andrade Most improved
Jovie Gutierrez Super Citizenship
October Student of the Month
Gia Franklin Enthusiastic Effort
  Taggart Bayes Trying with a Smile
Grade 1
Tessa Johnston Kindness & Caring
Brayden Webb Super Reader
Grade 2
Aubrey Thornley Excellent Citizenship
Abbie Johnston Excellent Citizenship
  Marcardy Babock Excellent Citizenship
Grade 3   Always Displaying Kindeness
Katie Osborn Always Displaying Kindness
  Beckham Cleaver Always Displaying Kindeness
Grade 4
  Trey Bayes Enthusiastic Learner
Kaden Dudley Super Mathematician
Grade 5
  Michel Page Most Improved Student
Grade 6
Taylor Homenyk All Around Excellent Studen
Grade 7
Ashlee Dudley Model Student
Evy Nunez Model Student
Miseal Robles Model Student
Octavio Bauista Model Student
Grade 8
Chayle Marquez Positive Attitude
Faith McDowell Eager to Learn
Jesse Walker Positive Attitude
Luis Amarel Excellent Academic Pratices
September Student of the Month
  Mason Johnson Enthusiastic Learner
  Shaney Marts Enthusiastic Learner
Grade 1    
Dean Villegas Star Student
  Gwendolyn Cleaver Star Student
Grade 2
Laynee Hutchins Outstanding Academic Student
Landon Cleaver Outstanding Academic Student
Grade 3    
Tristan Stephens Kids Choice Simple Machine Award
  Luke Aman Kids Choice Simple Machine Award
  Paisley Martin Kids Choice Simple Machine Award
Grade 4
  Wyatt Stoneman Conscientious Worker
Ivaldo Lira Conscientious Worker
Grade 5
  Hallie Ziegler Excellent Effort In Math
Grade 6
Shawn Stephens Excellent Student & Friend to All
Grade 7
Hayden Adams Adjusting Well to a New School
Jace Bateman Adjusting Well to a New School
Mason Fullmer Adjusting Well to a New School
Shianne Phillips Adjusting Well to a New School
Grade 8
Zachery Sumpter

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