Adrian School District Site Council  

Minutes from Site Council Meeting

March 2, 2012

Present: Joan Gordon, Kevin Purnell, Elma Witty, Gaylene Ellsworth, Bill Ellsworth, Mike Ready

  1. Textbook Adoption: This year it is time to replace Social Studies. Kelsey Zimmerman at the high school and staff (to be determined) at elementary will go the ESD Textbook Caravan to find appropriate choices that align with the states new core curriculum standards. Site council and other teachers will then peruse the selections at that time.
  2. Core Standards Report: Next year is what the state is calling a “bridge” year allowing school districts to adopt Language Arts and Math textbooks that will align with the changes in curriculum and testing at the state level. It was decided that after our staff aligns current curricular materials with the new standards, we would then seek supplementary materials and wait for regular adoption years to adopt new textbooks, as money would be a big issue.
  3. Continued Improvement Plan Report: Next meeting we will look at the specific goals and address our plans/progress on achieving and implementation.  Also it is time to administer another teacher/ parent survey. We decided that it may be good to include that with registration paperwork at the beginning of next year, as that would hit all registered students.

           Group discussed ways students can extend learning beyond high school credit            e.g.: AP courses, online or dual credit.

  1. Next meeting will be on April 6th




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