Adrian School District #61

Adrian, OR 97901

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 December 8, 2016

Members present were:  Ryan Martin, Casey Walker, Jake Speelmon, Eddie Kinkade, Bobby Davis.  Others present were:  Jennifer Nielson, Darla Witty, Deputy Clerk/Business Manager, Gene Mills, Superintendent, Kevin Purnell, High School Principal; and Bill Ellsworth, Elementary School Principal.

 1)    Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board Chairman, Ryan Martin.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

2)    Adopt Agenda The agenda was amended by adding action 6d, Authorize Contract for PE facility, and action 6e, Authorize District to create Edward Jones Account.   Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.

3)    Student and Personnel Communications

A)    Student Reports/Requests There were none.

B)    Staff Reports/Requests There were none.

C)    Elementary Principal Report Mr. Ellsworth reported that the Warhawk Air Museum field trip was accomplished, and the Explorer Field Trip to the planetarium has been postponed due to bad weather.  Each week the elementary students are being recognized with AR awards, and each month we are recognizing Student of the Month. 

D)    High School Principal Report The wrestlers went to Enterprise this weekend.  Basketball is going well.  Richard Jensen, a motivational speaker, came and spoke to the high school.  He spent additional time visiting individual academic classes, as well as wrestling with athletes during wrestling practice.  Students were very attentive and it was money well spent.  Christmas music concerts are scheduled for December 19th  at 2pm for K-5, and the high school/middle school will be at 7pm.  Mr. Purnell will be gone on the 19th. 

E)    Superintendent Report Governor Brown released her budget, which includes 8 billion in spending for elementary and secondary education.  Measure 98 passed, but looking for funding outside of education budget.  Measure 99 also passed, which creates the Outdoor School Education Fund.  30 foster kids have been sponsored by Adrian School and community.  The ASB will deliver gifts on December 12th.  8 different sites on campus have been tested for lead in the water and they all passed as containing no lead.   We will probably test every couple of years. Dr. Salam Noor will be in Ontario at the Four River Cultural Center on January 5th from 6-7:30 to meet with school board members.  All members are invited to attend.  He will also be at a town hall meeting in Jordan Valley.  The ESD will adopt a Local Service Plan in February. 

4)    Financial Report Darla Witty provided a summary of receipts and expenditures and a balance sheet as of November 30, 2016. 

5)    Public Comment There were none.

6)    Consent Agenda   Motion was made to adopt the November 10, 2016 and November 30, 2016 special meeting minutes as presented, and to approve the payment of the bills as listed in the amount of $214,851.34.  Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.

7)    Action Items

a.     Designate Designations It was proposed that Jennifer Nielson be authorized as Deputy Clerk/Business Manager, custodian of funds, an authorized signer on district bank accounts and designated as budget officer.  Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.

b.     Second Reading and Adoption on Policy J-L  A second hearing was held on the rewrite of Policy Section J-L.   Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.

c.     Offer Work Agreement It was recommended that work agreements be offered to Katie Brown, 7 hours per week, temporary appointment of Instructional Assistant, and Michelle Dudley 7 hours per week, temporary appointment of Instructional Assistant.  The District will look at the budget and determine if a permanent position could be available next school year.  Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.

d.     Authorize Contract of PE Facility It was proposed that Holcomb Construction be awarded the bid for the PE Facility, for the amount of $2,145,050.  Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.  

e.     Establish Account With Edward Jones   It was proposed to establish an account with Edward Jones for the purpose of receiving a private donation of $300,000 for the construction of the PE Facility.  Motion was made and seconded and carried unanimously.  

8)     Information Items  There were none.

9)    Board Comments Ryan Martin thanks Darla Witty for her outstanding service to our school district.  Jake Speelmon commented about the extra time she spent at work. 

10)  Adjournment Motion was made by Bobby Davis to adjourn and seconded by Casey Walker.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Meeting was declared adjourned at 8:00 pm. 

 Complete copies of the minutes are posted in each building and on the district website,  Copies may be requested from the District Office. 


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