Why support Adrian School District?

With your support, Adrian School District continues to serve a specific need  by offering an educational learning environment that excels in academics, athletics, and the arts, Adrian School District provides a nurturing, safe and disciplined personal education focused on the whole student.

Your contribution to the Adrian School District Fund, which helps the school accomplish its daily work, and your capital and scholarship gifts, which make continued advancement possible, are the keys to Adrian School District's success, vitality, and future growth.

The Adrian School District Fund provides the necessary funding for programs and services that have direct impact on the quality of the Adrian educational experience as follows:

  • Students:  Your gift supports Adrian’s ability to enroll and teach the very best students, whatever their financial background.
  • Educators: With support, we are able to attract and retain the best academic staff whose primary goal is academic excellence for our students.
  • Environment: With your help, we can develop and maintain the highest quality facilities aimed at creating the best possible learning environment for Adrian’s students.

Your capital giving and scholarship funding is also so important.  Capital giving is donation above and beyond contribution to the Adrian School District which enables us to make major improvements, renovations, and upgrades.

Scholarship donations change lives for the better by supporting an Adrian education for a current student.  There are many scholarships already set up that support current and graduating students in significant financial ways. 

Giving to Adrian School District is your partnership with us in achieving our mission, today and tomorrow.  Regardless of its size, your gift enables Adrian School District to provide students with more opportunities and enhanced educational programs.  Please join us.


Please make checks payable to Adrian School District and mail your checks to:

Adrian School District
PO Box 108
305 Owyhee
Adrian, OR 97901

Matching Gifts

As an employee benefit, more than 550 American corporations match their staff’s philanthropic contributions. Matching gifts allow donors to double or triple their gift to Adrian School District. Everyone benefits because Adrian receives a larger gift and you are recognized for the larger gift amount. 

After confirming that your employer is indeed a matching gift corporation, all you need to do is obtain a matching gift form (usually from the HR department), fill it out, and send it to us with your gift.  Adrian School District business office then submits the form to the company's matching gift department, which send the check directly to us.

Planned Giving

Have you considered mentioning Adrian School District in your will?
Planned giving is a gift vehicle that allows donors to donate via a trust, annuity, insurance police, or, most commonly, a bequest. Planned gifts provide flexible options and include a variety of charitable giving options that allow you to express your personal values by blending your charitable, family and financial goals. Gifts can be made in several ways: cash, securities, will, and life income gifts.

The most common life income gifts are the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and the Charitable Remainder Unitrust. Other Life Income gift options include: Charitable Gift Annuities, Deferred Payment Gifts, Personal Property, Real Estate, and Life Insurance.

Legal or financial advisors can help us work together in determining which gift is most advantageous and appropriate for you.


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